A Challenge

Scripture shows us that when we give ourselves over to God and allow Him to guide us in His ways, He makes Himself known to us.  Jesus himself calls us to DAILY pick up our cross and follow Him.  I want to become someone who is know for her intimacy with God, I want to know Him in deeper ways and what better way to do that than to allow Him to guide me throughout my day and teach me His ways for my life.  I have lived my own way for a long time and never find satisfaction in my day to day.  The moments I find the most peace and joy are when I am close to Him.  I find those moments usually when I am going through trial and am forced to daily rely on Him just to make it through.  But, I have wondered for a long time if living that way is causing us to miss out on something more beautiful and intimate.  Why is it that we find deep intimacy with God in our trial? It is because we are relying on Him to sustain us every minute of the day.  What if we chose to meet Him in the same way everyday regardless of our situation? How would that change us and grow us? I am giving myself a month to find out.  In truth I am committing to only a month because any longer than that scares me.  Self-control is something I have always struggled with. I am constantly giving into my own desires and wants and wasting time doing things that do not satisfy.  I crave structure and consistency but I lack follow through and motivation to make those things a reality.  So for the next month I am going to live out what I believe God would have me do.  I am going to pray through everything I do throughout the day and allow God to decide for me what HE would have me do.

The standards for this are to pray about the following each day before doing it:

  • How I spend my free time
  • How to spend my constructive time i.e. chores, grocery shopping, etc.
  • What to wear
  • What we will eat for meals
  • How I will homeschool my kids
  • How to spend our money
  • How to handle situations with family and friends
  • What time to get up and what time to go sleep

What I am hoping to learn:

  • How to have more reliance on God
  • Closer intimacy with God
  • More self-control in all areas

My hope is at the end of the month I would be so satisfied in Him that I would continue this forever, but as the flawed human being that I am, I know that if I set that before myself at the outset I will immediately fail because I will feel overwhelmed.  I know this is not going to be easy, I know that there are going to be moments and even days where God asks me to do things I don’t want to, or to not do things I want to do.  But, regardless of fears, I am prayerfully committing to a month of living this way and to taking the time everyday (if that is what God tells me to do) to write about what I am learning and how He is using this time to work in me and change me.

I hope you follow along starting Saturday, January 11th, and join me in this journey of seeking ultimate reliance on God, I hope we are all amazed by what He does and changed by this time.


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  1. Reblogged this on Ancient Abandon and commented:
    My lovely wife and I have committed to walk through the next month with the challenge to grow deeper in our walk with God by actively seeking him in every choice we make. It may seem extreme to some, but after only one day I feel refreshed by the presence of the Lord and have a renewed focus on what really matters in life. I invite anyone who is feeling led to grow in reliance on God to read my wife’s blog post about this challenge and prayerfully consider taking it yourself!

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