God’s Grace

Sometimes life brings things our way that are so hard, so painful, that we are unsure how to process where to go from here. Where is God?

I need to tell you about God’s Grace. It is the sweet in the bitterness of the struggle. If we allow this pain to bring us to our knees, draw us into the arms of our loving Father we will find a depth of peace and grace that alludes others. God’s grace is known more abundantly through our struggles than through our times of ease, we just have to seek Him. So many of us question how can a good and sovereign God allow His people to be in such pain? To experience such hardship, such ugliness, such tragedy, such depths of despair there seems like there is no way out. But I have come to believe through the struggle that God allows such pain because it draws us into the depth of His presence like nothing else in life could. In our pain we can come into His presence dragging our mangled, deformed brokeness, such things we might never share with others because of the pain it causes to even say the words out loud. And He, He meets us there! The Creator God, King of all, the Prince of Peace, Abba Father, He stoops down and scoops us up into His arms and carries us, bears us up, speaks truth into our brokeness. Stop and think about this for a moment, the God and creator of all the vast, never-ending, universe, all the stars and planets and galaxies, to the tiniest building blocks of you and I, all the atoms and cells and microorganisms. He, Him, that God cares about YOU! Not only that but He wants you to know Him deeply. He wants you to know that His heart breaks for you and all that you are going through, He wants you to know that He promises us He will care for us if we will allow Him to.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. ” -Matthew 11:28-29

Our skinned knees, broken limbs, that we hide from the Father because we are so afraid that the cleaning will cause pain, we miss that even if there is pain, there will be healing through it. If we can just trust Him we will find that as we repeatedly cast our cares on Him, minute by minute, sometimes even second to second, He trades our pain for His grace, for His peace, for His love. We grow to know Him in ways that we did not ever know before this. His grace is the sweet in the bitterness, it doesn’t mean the bitter never happened, won’t hurt, won’t leave a scar, a reminder of the pain. But what it does mean is that His sweetness is with us as we choose to seek Him in the hard places. His grace can abide in us…


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